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September 9, 2013
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Prince Noxus by Gaiascope Prince Noxus by Gaiascope
I give you, Prince Noxus. Son of Luna and King Sombra. He spent a thousand years locked away beneath the ice, amassing his father’s dark magic. After the crystal empire returned and Sombra escaped, Noxus spent two years digging through the ice in search of more magic. When he emerged and the princesses got word of him, Celestia wanted to take him in, to study and keep an eye on him, but Luna, ashamed of having mothered him, suggested he stay with Twilight and her friends instead.

Celestia, not knowing Noxus was her sister’s child, agreed. He was sent to Ponyville, and Twilight was instantly intrigued by his vast magical energies flowing freely from his chest and legs. Rarity was struck by his mane, which seemed to shimmer and change colour when observed from a different angle. And Fluttershy couldnt help but notice how introverted yet confident he seemed.

Noxus, not aware of his origins, struggled to find a purpose in life. He spent a thousand years collecting dark magic, and it did not leave him unaffected. He hadnt the moral compass nor the companionship that Twilight and her friends had. Despite the countless friendship lessons, and eventually even romances he shared with them, he always felt like there was something missing.

And he never understood why Princess Luna acted so cold and distant towards him.

His special talent is omnipotence.

This was done as a request by a lovely anon on tumblr, asking me to design the most ridiculous looking OC I could think of. I had a lot of fun with this, and used it as an excuse to try out some things I've hadn't had the chance to. Also on tumblr (duh).…

Needless to say, this isn't mean to be taken seriously xD
TraLaLayla Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wauw, a-amazing this is a great job, my compliments!
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