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December 25, 2012
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Circle of Friendship by Gaiascope Circle of Friendship by Gaiascope
A bit later than what I wanted, but here it is! My christmas/hearth's warming eve picture. I'd write more, but my family is waiting for me downstairs. Ill edit in a write up in a few days since this piece holds some meaning to me.

Merry Christmas you crazy wonderful people!

Write up time.

'Twas the day before Christmas, and I suddenly realised I couldn't simply let myself get away with not drawing a special piece for Christmas. I knew I wanted to draw the entire mane6, and so I set about doing so. Fluttershy and Rainbow dash flowed out of my pencil on their own, RD playfully bragging with her new lead pony wonderbolt badge. The interaction between Rarity and AJ was also something that I had no say it. It just happened as soon as I put pencil to paper. Same with Pinkie Pie's randomness. I wonder where she's getting the power to charge those lights? Probably sugar-powered electricity. And then I only had one pony left to draw.

Twilight Sparkle. Before I started drawing her, I went over my sketch from left to right, looking at each pony's face, and something happened that never happened before. I was moved by my own work. Not to say I think it's an amazing piece of art, but you could say I was rather overwhelmed by the combined sensation of impending Christmas and the sheer friendship between these ponies. And so, I knew that Twilight would feel the same. Overwhelmed by the joy and warmth around her, she can't help but wipe away a tear of joy as she spends Hearth's Warming eve with her closest friends.

The stars represent something I read in an amazing story once. The "Circle of Friendship" is a constellation in honour of 5 amazing ponies that made Equestria a better place, and the constellation is brought together by the brightest star of them all, a universal beacon of friendship. "The Faithful Student".

Do forgive me for this rambling. I'm simply outrageously happy today, especially considering the overwhelming response to this piece.
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A Christmas themed drawing during Christmas. Nothing better than this...

And another beautiful image from Gaiascope. Just wonderful. Just by looking at this picture you can feel the friendly and joyous atmosphere in the scene, a lovely meeting with friends. You can clearly see and feel each ponies interactions in-between one another, like, Rainbow Dash and Flutershy, Rarity as always with AppleJack, while Pinkie is just generally enjoying the company and Twilight from what I assume, crying from laughter/joy. Adding christmas lights tangled on Pinkie was just the do on i and made me burst in laughter xD. So is the cute christmas hat on Rainbow. These little things is what makes this whole image simply beautiful. And that night sky.... O.O

I can only complain about few, unimportant small details. One, Rarity's face/mouth. I don't know what that spot near her mouth is supposed to be. Fluttershy's hair/mane seems a bit flat and 2D, especially that clip-on. Glasses are a bit small, except if they were doing shots :v . Rarity's clothes look like they're floating on her. And I don't get why the 6th star is above those 5 stars, which I gather all should represent the mane6. But the positioning of them makes it look like someone from the group is being excluded.

Overally, Great image. Great new experimentation on night lighting, shading and coloring. I don't know how to draw or paint at all, but as a photographer, I can also relate that if you're not used to it, it's hard to do art that shows nighttime.
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The idea behind this isn't too bad. Put all he main characters together for a night they hang out together under the starlights.

A few things to consider about executing this idea though...

Though I'm not one to advocate show-accuracy all the time, I think the anatomy can be executed more skillfully. Though we could say that each character happen to be given different proportions (different noses and such) but I notice Twilight has differently sized hoofs and legs. If we're gonna be drawing a unique pony style, IMO, it's a tough route to go. It's very easy to draw them inconsistently when you don't have every single seemingly minute detail of your anatomy in memory... You also have almost no references to work with but the best you have are references of other artists who might trip over mistakes you're not aware of.

I also think the spacing between the eyes are too large, but that could be just me.

Also beware of symbolic shortcuts used in the eyes. It's hard to tell how much realism you want, but real eyes have no outlines - outlines do not exist in realism. You also placed highlights in your eyes but beware that if we're dealing with cartoons, their function is purely functional. Eye highlights keep eyes from being uncanny and can be used to accentuate emotions. For more realism, you're gonna need to have highlights be actual reflections of light.

Also beware of your light sources. In this night time setting, there's only one light source - the fireflies. In this setting, because stars are so miniscule as light sources, anything not lit up by fireflies should be very dark as there's nothing to light it up with. At the very least, the shadows could be much much darker if we don't want them completely dark. Also don't forget the [inverse square law] when dealing with light sources especially ones that are very close like a jar of flies. The farther a body part, the less it should be lit.

Also, the little glass thing next to Pinkie looks like it's gonna tip over.

Again, it's hard to tell what level of realism you're shooting for, but the 'realistic' elements you used can be executed more skillfully. Anatomy and especially lighting could be paid closer attention.
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Wow! Did you paint this by hand or computer? Either way, this is very impressive! :D
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It's a digital drawing, made entirely in Photoshop CS6 using the default round brush ^_^

Thanks for the compliment!
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